Gaza, en vrac

US blocks UN Security Council action on Gaza:
The United States late Saturday blocked approval of a U.N. Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel and expressing concern at the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas.

How we like our leaders, by Amira Hass:
Whoever gave the instructions to send 100 of our planes, piloted by the best of our boys, to bomb and strafe enemy targets in Gaza is familiar with the many schools adjacent to those targets – especially police stations. He also knew that at exactly 11:30 A.M. on Saturday, during the surprise assault on the enemy, all the children of the Strip would be in the streets – half just having finished the morning shift at school, the others en route to the afternoon shift.

Video of Carnage in Gaza Market is a hoax:
We, like many other websites, posted a video allegedly showing the aftermath of an IDF air strike on a Gaza market. The video turned out to be disinformation: it was not shot three days ago, as indicated by the link, and has nothing to do with the current conflict. It is actually from 2005.

Robert Fisk: Keeping out the cameras and reporters simply doesn’t work:
That the Israelis should use an old Soviet tactic to blind the world’s vision of war may not be surprising. But the result is that Palestinian voices – as opposed to those of Western reporters – are now dominating the airwaves. The men and women who are under air and artillery attack by the Israelis are now telling their own story on television and radio and in the papers as they have never been able to tell it before, without the artificial « balance », which so much television journalism imposes on live reporting.

Les « buts de guerre » d’Israël à Gaza :
« Depuis l’aube de la présence sioniste sur la terre d’Israël, aucune opération militaire n’a fait avancer le dialogue avec les Palestiniens », rappelle l’historien israélien Tom Segev. Il semble que la dernière en date ait même réussi à le faire ­reculer.

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  • The crimes against Gaza is a global problem. I think that international law is again left for only interests and this kind of political behaviour is responsible of death in Israel but more in Palestine since long time. Poor Palestinians.

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